4 Tips For Beginners To Promote Their WordPress Website

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Hey guys, today in this article, we discuss some tips to help beginners promote their WordPress website to gain traffic. So keep reading.

Having a personal website or a business website can offer numerous advantages. They offer a person or a business the chance to address a global audience easily. For businesses, having a website that supports e-commerce functions is an easy way to make your business go global. Developing a personal or business website is an easy endeavor that one can decide to take up as a personal project. And if you do not wish to develop the website yourself, you can seek the services of a web developer.

However, developing a WordPress website is only the first step when advancing your business or personal life using a website. A website can only be termed as successful in achieving its intended purpose when it has high traffic. To gain traffic for your WordPress requires specialized knowledge of how to promote your website properly. But how do you do that?

Tips For Beginners Promote Their WordPress Website:

1. Branding

The first step in designing a WordPress website is establishing your branding. This includes website colors, logos, and every other visual aspect in tune with the business or content to be posted. Branding is a very important factor that should not be taken lightly. Your branding reflects the entirety of your business. If you are developing your website by yourself, it is advisable to seek the professional services of a reputable branding agency. The branding agency will help you come up with designs to implement on your website that will attract clients and readers to your website.

The branding agency can help you with aspects such as website color scheme, logo design, user interface plan, website layout, etc. With a well-established branding agency, the whole WordPress development process can be handled for you. The marketing companies in Vancouver offer any required assistance in the WordPress development process. The marketing companies can even help you market your website by outbound linking to it once the website is up and running.

2. Blog Regularly

Most people are well aware of the common rule of social media platforms, where you have to post and be active regularly. This rule applies to websites too. As a website administrator, you have to come up with a website posting plan or at least aim to make sure that you have a new post on your website every week. Blogging regularly will give your readers a reason to come back to your website regularly to interact with the new content. Some visitors can even opt to subscribe to your website so that they can get notified every time you post.

Blogging regularly also boosts the confidence that new website traffic has in your content. This helps to build a strong relationship with your audience and customers. Regularly blogging is also an important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). Regular blogging helps to boost your website’s visibility on search engines. Improved visibility on search engines gives you a huge opportunity to gain significant web traffic due.

3. Outbound Linking


Outbound linking is the use of links that point toward other websites on your website. It has often been ignored as an SEO strategy but its efficiency in improving website traffic has recently come to the light. However, outbound linking can be a tricky affair that can either make or break your website. There are fundamental concepts of outbound linking that one should know before getting into it.

Firstly, linking to an external website that offers the same service or similar content as yours can be detrimental to your website. This is because you are promoting your competition and some of your readers can opt to go for the competition. It is also important to observe how you insert your outbound links. Outbound links should be inserted in a manner that seems natural and organic to avoid creating the impression that you are marketing the other website. Readers often tend to despise any marketing advances in the blog posts they go through.

Outbound links can be used for various purposes in your blog posts. Some of the reasons to include outbound links are:

  1. To add depth and information to a concept you have highlighted
  2. To add value to your blog content
  3. Also, to build trust with your readers by offering genuine information sources
  4. To demonstrate expertise or professional knowledge in what you are discussing

As a beginner, you must study how to use outbound links before implementing them to promote your WordPress website.

4. Social Media Marketing

A recent study revealed that the average person spends 147 minutes per day on social media platforms. For most people, the actual numbers are way higher than the stated 147 minutes. The high rates of social media usage gave the companies that run the platforms a unique chance to monetize them through marketing. Social media marketing is a highly effective way to market your products. As a beginner in WordPress websites, it is recommended that you embrace social media marketing fully. With the right strategy, marketing your website on social media platforms can easily grow your website to get thousands of visitors daily.

While embracing social media marketing, you should be keen on ad targeting. You must identify your audience type or niche so that you use the social media platforms to target ads to them. This will greatly increase the efficiency of your website ads. Social media platforms offer ad insights that you can use to analyze the success rate of your marketing attempt. Ad insights data can be an important asset that you can use to change a failing ad into a successful one.


When marketing your WordPress website, you have to try out various tactics. This will help you figure out which tactics work best for which specific scenarios. With this knowledge, you will know when to use specific promotion tactics for your WordPress website. A key point to note is that you should choose to use more organic promotion tactics than paid tactics. Organic promotion builds a more strong and more loyal audience for your website. The loyal audience can also offer referrals that will help to increase your website traffic. I hope you liked this article on some tips to help beginners promote their WordPress website. Thank you for reading!.

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