5 Singapore Websites for Your Chinese New Year Shopping

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5 Singapore Websites for Your Chinese New Year Shopping

Chinese New Year is around the corner! With the Covid-19 measures of 8 visitors per household and visits to no more than 2 houses per day, the festive celebrations this year will be different. Tossing the yusheng with masks on and not saying the usual auspicious phrases will take some getting used to. But don’t let this dampen your spirits as we ring in the Year of the Ox. Join friends and family to share the joys of this festive season with these Singapore websites that are perfect for your Chinese New Year shopping! 

5 Websites in Singapore for your Chinese New Year Shopping

1. Bee Cheng Hiang


Bee Cheng Hiang singapore website for your Chinese New Year shopping

Website link: https://www.beechenghiang.com.sg/

Offering a variety of food items, Bee Cheng Hiang specialises in “bakkwa”. With a targeted focus on Asian consumers, they also provide a one-of-a-kind Fortune Flourishing Hamper. This gift set contains different premium food products in line with the Year of the Ox for 2021. In addition to this, they’ve also added delicious pastries and products to their catalogue that are fit for the season. Be sure to check out their CNY Specials to find the perfect items for gifting or treating yourself. Make this Chinese New Year extra special with Bee Cheng Hiang!

2. Oceanhealth


Oceanhealth singapore website for your Chinese New Year shopping

Website link: https://www.oceanhealth.com/

Start your 2021 as strong as an ox! Oceanhealth offers home-grown supplements guaranteed to bring back that spring in your step. Promising a “Quality You Can Trust” for all their products, you can rest assured that with their supplements, you’ll be feeling healthier even after all the feasting and drinking! Get your strength back up this Chinese New Year with Oceanhealth.

3.   Thai Sing


Thai Sing singapore website for your Chinese New Year shopping

Website link: https://www.thaising.com/

A full-service culinary provider in Singapore, Thai Sing offers plenty of traditional sauces and food pastes to all their customers. Halal-certified and truly authentic, high-quality flavours at reasonable prices, their products are well-loved in both hawker culture and haute cuisine. Spice up your Chinese New Year meals with their variety of soy sauces, condiments and even their Man Tang Hong Yu Sheng Set. Give the gift of flavour this Chinese New Year with Thai Sing products. 

4. San Teck Soon


San Teck Soon singapore website for your CNY shopping

Website link: https://www.santecksoon.com/

Specialists in Chinese medicine, San Teck Soon offers herbs, soups and tea that help out a person’s overall health. Uniquely curated and pre-packed, their products are designed to soothe stress and help you leave negative energies behind for this upcoming Year of the Ox. Since maintaining good health and positive vibes is essential for Chinese New Year, try out San Teck Soon’s variety of herbal or floral tea.

5. Tracyeinny


Tracyeinny singapore website for your CNY shopping

Website link: https://www.tracyeinny.com.sg/

Stay fashionable when you get your Chinese New Year outfit from Tracyeinny! Tracyeinny is a lifestyle-focused clothing company founded by a pair of cousins in Singapore. Committing to an artistic yet functional aesthetic, this Singapore website has a variety of in-trend clothing items for women that are perfect for the festive season. From fancy jewellery to fashionable outfits made for expectant mothers, you can find them all here. You can also find amazing deals and discounts at Tracyeinny’s Last Chance sale!

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