5 Reasons Why Blogging is Now A Must-Have For Your Website

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5 Reasons Why Blogging is Now a Must-Have for Your Website

All businesses operate to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the technological and consumer demands of their respective industries. But nowadays, the competitive nature among businesses demands that competitors must go further. This poses as a challenge for big or small companies and boosts the importance of developing a strong web presence in order for businesses to not only engage their market but get them to trust your brand and build customer loyalty.

For the longest time, a well-optimised website has been essential in developing comprehensive branding strategies in digital marketing. Offering your customers good content also keeps them engaged, and one of the surest ways to effectively market your brand is through consistent blogging.

Blogging gained its popularity in the early 2000s. As time went on, marketers discovered the effectivity of blogging, how it is actually an inexpensive way to provide relevant content to their customers and drive traffic to their websites.

We state below the five powerful reasons why blogging is not only good-to-have but a must-have for your website.

1. Blogging Boosts Your Search Engine Optimisation


Blogging Boost Your Search Engine Optimization

Blogging is your brand’s voice in the online marketing world. It is a straightforward method to provide fresh and useful content that not only your customers will love, but major search engines too.

When your business posts blogs on a regular basis, you are also providing Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines with content that they can index. In other words, the more relevant information you post through blogging, the more visible your brand becomes online.

Businesses also see this as an opportunity to insert keywords that are relevant to their industries that consumers type in search engines to search for what products or services they need that your business can offer.

2. Blogging Strengthens Your Relationships With Existing And New Customers


Blogging Strengthens Your Relationships With Existing And New Customers

Another essential component in building your brand online is customer engagement. With blogging as your brand’s voice, you have the opportunity to build a stronger connection with either your existing or potential customers in a more conversational and relatable way.

Blogging can also help ensure that your business maintains its top of mind position among your customers. This way you can build your target audience’s trust by establishing yourself as a reliable source that provides them with high quality and relevant content.

3. Blogging Establishes Your Business As An Expert in Your Niche


Blogging Establishes Your Business As An Expert in Your Niche

Whether your business is big or small, blogging is a good way to provide valuable content to your customers and get them to see your expertise as well as all the knowledge you have gained in your field.

Consistently posting helpful and informative blogs will eventually make your brand the “go-to” resource in your particular industry. Once you have expanded your readership, your audience may acknowledge you as an expert in your niche. This can subsequently result in more website traffic and higher customer conversion rates.

4. Blogging Keeps People Updated About Your Business 


Blogging Keeps People Updated About Your Business

Brand awareness is crucial in marketing. Aside from your company website, blogs are a great tool in humanising your brand and showing your audience a more personal side to your business.

While your website sets a more straightforward tone in delivering content, blogging allows you to be more flexible in opening up and expounding on your brand message to connect existing and potential customers to your brand. This makes your blog a direct communication line to your audience that not only showcases what you do but also who you are.

5. Blogging Creates Opportunities For Sharing


Blogging Creates Opportunities for Sharing

Blogging can also be a way for customers to share your content with others, therefore becomes a tool in linking people back to you and helps drive more traffic to your website. This is one of the most powerful benefits blogging can provide you with, and where the beauty of free marketing comes to light.

Writing compelling content increases the potential viral traffic that can boost your market growth. With the ever-growing list of social media platforms available, your readers can simply choose to share the link to your blog, or even email and tweet it for other people to see.

Power-Up Your Digital Voice with Verz Design

The convenience of using so many sharing platforms to market your brand might make increasing your online exposure an easy task, but establishing your brand as an expert in your industry might not be such an easy feat.

Here at Verz, we believe in how powerful blogs are as a marketing strategy. Just like how your website needs exceptional design and copy to draw customers in, blogging has also become virtually a must in today’s highly competitive digital marketing scene. Verz Design possesses the resources and expertise to help you craft compelling content for your website that can help you engage not only your existing customers but reach out to new customers as well.

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