Behance Allows Creative Types to Promote Their Web Wares

by admin

Behance is an Adobe owned network that allows people to self-promote their talents. A budding web designer has recently released his first project to showcase a Chronos time tool design, and for a first project, it’s quite impressive.

The color scheme, blue and gold, is very reminiscent of a medieval coat of arms, and does a great job captivating the audience upon first glance. The focal point of the top screen is a laptop, which displays the two services being offered – Chronos timetracker and Chronos timesheets. The Chronos timetracker provides time tracking, note taking and worklogging services, while the Chronos timesheets allows users to track team productivity, crunch salary figures, and monitor activity levels. Between the two product descriptions lies an asymmetrical hourglass surrounded by a Flubber-esque design; no doubt a nod to the timetracking abilities of the Chronos.

When scrolling down to the “visual style” portion of the site, the blue and gold color scheme remains the same, and viewers get an in-depth look at Chronos timetracking services. It is at this point the creator reveals that, in an effort to provide users with a more “native experience,” he abided by the guidelines.

Making your way down the page, the screen fades into a white background where examples of the Chronos capabilities are displayed on laptop screens. Bullet point lists of Chronos’ abilities are provided to give the viewer a cohesive look at the services being promoted. The author then delves into “Chronos Stylesheets,” allowing the audience to get a feel for how to navigate through worklogs. The authors show-and-tell demonstrations prove very effective, as it tells the viewer these services aren’t difficult to learn.

After being prompted to download the products and “Get Started Now,” the author gives a brief recap of the Chronos timetracker. A blown up version of the desktop application is once again displayed while floating screenshots of the Chronos design features conclude the project.


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