To Use SEO or Not Use SEO in Web Design Packages – That is the Question

by admin

Web design packages are a business advertisement and management tactic that is used to bring the greatest amount of traffic to a given web site. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the business, this may mean changing tactics on a regular basis in order to optimize changes brought on by search engines, software advancements and even trends in online marketing. A recent debate has surfaced as to the effectiveness of including SEO in web design packages. There are two modes of thought on this; one that believes that SEO is a marketing scheme that should be avoided and one that believes that SEO is still primary force behind web traffic.

SEO is the inclusion of certain keywords within a web page’s content. The search engine, for example Google, previously allowed a repetition of these keywords to promote the content based solely on those keywords, and not on the quality of the content. However, recent changes in Google’s algorithm programs rendered this technique obsolete for the most part, and many websites were forced to backpedal their marketing tactics to adjust to this dramatic change. Consumers are interested in a broader spectrum for their search engine results, and tend to reject content that is irrelevant or poorly written.

Despite these changes, however, SEO still has its place in website content marketing. It is an undeniable fact that search engine algorithms can still be utilized to bring traffic to a website. The difference is that in addition to SEO, the content must also be of the highest quality. Once again, the marketing focus is on quality and not quantity, and thankfully, web content is responding with information that is timely and purposefully written. Cleanly written articles that follow the guidelines of proper grammar, structure and content are again at the top of the writing food chain.

Web design packages are a good tool for any business that wishes to succeed in today’s high tech and digital world. Quite simply, it can take a great deal of man hours for the layman to attempt to implement all of the tools and stay on top of current web marketing trends. Not only can the business lose time by attempting their own web design, but they could also lose valuable web traffic if they are not well versed in the intricate nature of design and marketing for this specific niche. Hiring professionals truly does pay off in this case.

Whether or not SEO should be included in web design packages is still an unanswered question. The true question, however, should be whether or not the web design team is able to adapt to the latest changes and keep a web page and its content current, fresh and of the highest quality. This is the earmark of a valuable web design team, and a client should look over all of the services, from SEO or Meta tags to social networking options, and see that the needed options are available. Each client will have specific web design needs, and those needs may or may not include SEO.

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